About the artist

Cedric’s passion for art and photography started in pre-school.  After completing his final school year in 1988, he joined the Vaal University of Technology to study art, whereafter he opened his own mural painting business. He chose photography, film making and painting as a full time career, now for the past 23 years. Cedric has done many commissioned art pieces. Some of his wildlife, aerial and landscape photographs as well as paintings are displayed in game lodges all over South Africa and Africa.

He has been commissioned on several occasions to create portrait paintings for large corporations, and recently completed a series of illustrations to be used for safety awareness in the mining industry. Cedric accepts any commission work related to illustration, photography and film making. Cedric loves film photography, and has and will always be his passion

Cedric is also a script writer, producer and film maker and has produced hundreds of safety and training video productions and documentary films, for various clients, small businesses, resorts, and corporations including Anglo American, Avis, and Swissre. He also has a passion for aerial photography. Please enjoy the site and on-line shop.

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